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There is no professional bloggin in Myanmar at all. Everybody blogs just for fun and the culture of Myanmar blogsphere is pretty different from that of others.

When I started blogging around 2006/7 in Burmese, I was very eager to decorate my blog and so as everyone else. Even those who were not IT-savvy attempted to learn how to add Yahoo pipe as blogroll, how to export form to, how to use tens of thousands of widgets etc. The very unique culture was on Cbox. When we visited each other’s blog, we left a short message that we visited them. It was almost a must-do. And we had our own sub-groups mostly divided by the platform which I don’t know how it happened. That means if you were a blogger on blogspot platform, most of your blog friends were blogspot users, too. Likewise, if you were on wordpress, your connections came mostly from wordpress users.

That was fun but we were isolated as we blogged only in Burmese even though many of us were residing in other countries. Now that, it became a Facebook era, not many people are that into blogging anymore. I stopped bloggin in Burmese since quite a while ago. When I started to blog in English, I became to realize that different countries have different bloggin culture. Singapore, for instance, have many professional bloggers. Some even blog for living. Most of those famous bloggers specialize in one category like -beauty & fashion, food, travel and so on. Still, in most situations, bloggers in any country are connected with bloggers in their respective country only.

Why can’t we be a bit more connected? I mean, we can mingle with different blogging cultures and create an even more fun and flavourful community. No matter what we are blogging about, we could share our perspectives by visiting each other’s blog. That could even turn out to be a community where we can follow informal (yet wonderful) ASEAN updates. Or that could be where we smartly debate about our regional issues? Who knows?

I like to understand more on how different countries operate their blogging culture. Is blogging still active in every ASEAN country? What common practices do ASEAN bloggers share? How can cultural aspects of each country be voiced out via blogging and how can such information be passed through bloggers themselves. Perhaps, ASEAN blogfest 2013 might be able to hint those questions.