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I’m on plane, by the way.

Posted: 30/06/2012 in Travel
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Singapore Night View from plane

Just finished watching Hunger Game. Why people said it’s a bad movie? It’s not that bad, at least for me though I am not a big fan of action movies.

Oh yah, I am on plane, to Mumbai. Somewhere around relatives of some of my ancestors might live. No, I am not going to find them. I’d rather go to Boh Maung circle to find people I love.

Yes, I am on plane, specifically on a SIA flight. And I’m seriously wishing MAI could invest to let their crews fly with SIA at least once so that most of them would learn how to smile & how should they treat customers who need to pay more than half of their monthly salary just about for three hours.

And, as you know, I’m on plane, & will be so for about three more hours. I already miss him. :*) and I’m just back from lavatory & took a photo there!!

Have I mentioned I’m on plane? It’s not cold at all and more than half of passengers are under blanket. I am wondering is my body emitting heat?

As I’m on plane, I’m on plane. Why? Why I’m on plane? Stay tuned for next post! And I wish some smart people could figure out how to surf Internet safely on flight so that we can check-in in the sky!

P.S It was written on 27th June Night on my phone but unfortunately I couldn’t publish it on time because there’s no Internet in the sky!