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A to Z Singapore

Posted: 11/10/2010 in Fun Fact, Singapore Life
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My supervisor was in rush. That meant he had no time to assign me new task since afternoon. So I made up my mind to make a mini research to find out the influence on Singapore by using Google.  Here’s the A to Z list of top suggested keywords in Google of Singapore.

Personally, I’m happy that Apple is not #1  and also for top Air Asia.

BBC which is at second may broadcast that China is forcing their people if they know they don’t have enough influence for Chinese. Baidu is first!

“C” may love local or may be loved because the first three results are Cathay, CPF & Citbank.

Congratulations, DBS! They occupy two of the top three keywords DBS & DBS ibanking while “dictionary” stands at second.

Do Singaporeans love online shopping? You can see Ebay at #1 but the obvious thing is they love iphone as ebuddy stands second.

No Doubt at all! First two is Facebook & Facebook login. Is football third? No, but FIFA.

So, can we say Gmail is popular here? Proud of Golden Village as it’s the only non-google top keyword for this alphabet and takes thrid place.

Oh! G & H are rivals! Yes, it’s Hotmail & HDB has attraction for locals, too.

I haven’t been there. (Actually, I didn’t know what does it stand for.) & we can say that luxury is not as much as important as red tape as those results are shown. IRAS is first, ICA is second and Iphone 4 is thrid. I wonder why there’s no plain “I Pone” keyword in such an icountry.

Are there more travelers than job hunters? Jobsdb & Jobstreet are sandwiched between two Jetstar key words.

KFC. So “M” for “McDonald”? But there’s no Burger King for B. And one of the local brands KBox is second.

There must be more drivers than football fans in Singapore. LTA is first & livescore is second.

Wow, KFC rules! There’s no Macdonald at all & MSN is third while MOM takes second. So, who’s first? Simply, M1.

It’s NUS. The second result is NLB. Don’t feel bad NTU fellows, you are at third. Wow, “N” in Singapore is so literate! (Note: When you type only “N”, NTUC is just after NTU. But when you type “NT”, it’s vice versa.)

Bank again.  It’s OCBC. And here is an interesting fact that’s approving high Indian population in Singapore. Orkut is third.

Bank Bank Bank. The first keyword is POSB (though it doesn’t have own domain) & interestingly, there’s still influence of World Cup. Paul the octopus is #2.

Just an airline. But it’s Australia National Airline callend Qantas. May be because there are few trademarks in Singapore who uses “q” as starting alphabet. “Quotes” is second.

Resort world Sentosa is knocked out after Reebonz & ROM. And do people wanna go for shopping rather than marriage?

Two adjacent results are from same industry. Singtel & Starhub. M1 might avoid “S” because of this.

I wonder who will come first if Tiger Airways starts with A or Air Asia starts with T. And as usual, Twitter can’t beat facebook as it stands at second.

“Can’t live without” for locals must be nothing except banks. Yes, it’s UOB & Universal Studio is only at third while URA is second.

Vpost can grab first while DHL is 4th at D. Oh, i know how much Vivocity is famous now. they stand at 3rd!

No wonder.  Wikipedia‘s first & third (Wiki)  and Facebook totally rules! the second result is!
(Note: if you type www, first result is  Facebook while Yahoo follows it & Youtube is at thrid. Where is Gmail???)

Should be in Singapore. XinMSN comes out first and Xbox is 4th while there’s no PSP or Wii in “P” & “W”. Xe and XueSha (the keywords I’ve never heard) are second and third.

You know it, right? Youtube is first, Yahoo (Singapore) is second & oops, is YOG third before Yahoo mail!?

Oh! is it famous? Zuji; the travel site. Zara & Zouk stands second and third respectively.

According to those facts, Singapore government is fond of IT as 7 out of 83 results (Sorry, Mr. Environment, I betrayed you by emitting 10.4 grams of CO2) are government websites.  And Pure International Brand that doesn’t have a local site are only 20. The list mention that there is only one blog which is also 2009  Singapore best modeling blog. Are people only interested in Brand or Names? There are only two meaningful words; dictionary & quotes. The results may be varied time to time and who say mydaydream won’t be first suggesstion when you type “M” in Google 5 or 10 years later?? 😛