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Money Matters

Posted: 22/04/2016 in Random, Thoughts
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money matters

“I like to live a peaceful life, I don’t care about my wealth”. That’s what many people say as they grow old. And my brain literally can’t comprehend what they even mean.

They would say “Oh, I don’t want to be rich. I just like to own a small and cozy house with a tiny garden, perhaps with a well, near the mountains and I’d watch how the sun sets everyday while sipping self-made wine and enjoy the life peacefully”.


You can’t possibly own a cozy house near the mountains (or beach or anywhere) without some proper earnings you’ve saved up. Let alone making wine and maintaining a garden.

There is no way (unless you cheat) you could save a large sum of money unless you are successful in what you are doing for living.

In addition, money can buy time. Be it one’s life at critical stage or valuable time with loved ones. Forget about great things, you can sleep several more minutes if you can do make-up in your car before a meeting.

To lead a peaceful life, you need money. How can your life be peaceful if you are broke when your loved ones need major healthcare treatment or what’s the point of peaceful life when your kids are smart enough yet you can’t send them to great universities that would much their talent and skills?

Isn’t it too irony when people say they don’t want money or they don’t want to earn much money while they are craving for a peaceful life?




Shit Hubby Says

Posted: 06/04/2016 in Uncategorized

Rarely write personal stuff here. But I guess this is worth-sharing. Disclaimer : I didn’t imagine any of these.

Regarding “The Dress”

I see black & blue. But as you see white & gold, it must be white & gold since your eyesight is way better than mine. ‪#‎ShitHubbySays‬

On my thoughts on sexual orientation

Me : What if I am a bi?
Him : I’ll bait all pretty girls using you and traffick every single one of them.
Me : Defuq

When he watched LINE TVC too many times (Those who don’t watch Burmese TV wouldn’t understand)

(Me sitting beside him on bed. Phone rang.)
Me : What’s that?
Him : Pick up
Me : Where are you calling from?
Him : Line lay
(Tap Green button)
Me : Bar lal
Him : Nin thar d nay yar hmar shi yin thate kg hmar bal
Me : ……..

Regarding love

Me : Give me those pajamas
Him : (Grab it and put under his T-shirt, holding it tight like a Koala holds its tree)
Me : What on heaven are you doing?
Him : It’s been a while in airconditioned room. Trying to warm them so that you wouldn’t feel cold when you wear it.
Me : Awwn

Regarding Yangon environment (Need local insights to understand this)

Me : Hey, they said there was unexplained strange noise in Singapore!
Him : Umm.. there are countless unexplained strange noises here in Yangon. You aren’t even sure where it’s coming from at times
Me : …

Regarding high-profile government people (Need local insights on Burmese politics)

Him : Why don’t you take photo with these two book shelves at the back?
Me : Do you think I’m Ye Htut?

Regarding more love

Him : Go inside
Me : Why? @@
Him : I’m watching a movie
Me : And?
Him : If you are around, I keep looking at you instead of movie.
Me : …….

And…. my favourite one

Me : Ako, why didn’t you tell me that my eyeliner is smudged?
Ako : Coz I wasn’t sure whether it’s a bug or feature.
Me : $#%&&%$%#$@#&$