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Posted: 15/02/2011 in Myanmar, TEDx, Yangon, YMAA

TEDx = independently organised TED event.

Yangon = My most favorite city in a whole world

TEDxYouth@Yangon is just a combination of two of my favourite things. It comes with a specialty on top of normal TEDx features; the very first TEDx event in both of Myanmar and Yangon. To be honest, TED is one of the least popular websites in Myanmar. Why? The connection! So, how did it get done?


If “hardworking” is a very familiar adjective that can describe Myanmars easily, “Innovation” should be the least suitable one. Yes, including me as a top ranked in the list, Myanmar people are lack of innovation. In other words, we have no idea how to get idea.  TED is emphasising on idea from three backgrounds of Technology, Entertainment and Design. That’s why I did it.

First Step

I wished so hard to get the license from TED which is an official permission to hold a TEDx event in Myanmar. Trust me. I was happier than I got hired when I saw the approval. When I applied it, I just thought for the venues, speakers and all required things. I had neither planned nor prepared yet.


Sponsorship! It was difficult like hell because the only way I could try is emailing which is the least proper way of communication in Myanmar. I sent out 20+ mails to some organisations and companies which seem helpful. Till  days before the actual event day, it was hopeless. But I wanted to try a bit more so that I sent out the follow up mails to all the recipients. It did work! Within 10 minutes, a mail was replied that he would support us. What an amazing moment! Plus, the sponsor is one of the most well known brands in Myanmar. It made our event greater. I was so happy that telling all the organizers and planners about our sponsorship; Myanmar Airways International.  They all (yes, actually two :P) were so happy and moved on for venue confirmation.

Venue also mattered. We requested a hotel as a venue sponsor but it wasn’t successful. Our brains were busy like bees by calculating the fees to decide whether we can afford it or not. As usual for planning an event, we finally came up with the decision to hold it at UMFCCI where most of the seminars and event are usually held.


Believe it or not! None of us had seen any speakers whom we invited. Neither any kind of communication had done nor they had heard our names. We approached to those who seemed inspiring and interesting. By means of mails and phones, we requested them to join as precious speakers of the event. Though two of our choices denied it, we finally made it with five speakers; exact number that we hoped. Though it was not done by purpose, 3 out of 5 speakers are directly related to IT which is also the current field of all three planners. What a coincidence!

I seriously think all of the speakers are so interesting. Take a look. (With the order of confirmation). A respectful  programmer who made tons of effort for Myanmar Unicode Standards, a physically challenged young girl who is working as a web designer, an artsy girl who is all for performance art, a game developer who achieves internationally and a world class photographer!


Special thanks to all friends!! They were really supportive. More than a couple of friends did enquire for all necessary information like venue fee, photographer assistance and so on. Plus, two videographers(Ko Tin Ko & his Fri) and a photographer (Ko Aung Pyae) assisted us F.O.C. They made our event!

Post Event

I had the chance to read up some blog posts about it. Thanks to Ko Thi Ha for a complete post. I can’t put my laziness aside so that I haven’t accomplished the post event tasks till now. But I’m bearing in mind that I must finalize it very soon. Let me list down the tasks here in order to remind me whenever I visit my blog. 🙂

1) upload videos to youtube under TEDx
2) send photos to TEDx (updated on Feb 19)
3) upload photos to flickr with tag TEDx (updated on Feb 19)
4) feedback from attendees
5) update TEDxYouth@Yangon page

Oh! Not that much! Okay, I’ll update whenever I finish one! 🙂