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Once as an Emcee

Posted: 15/12/2012 in Fun, Myself, Singapore Life

The ridiculous thing was we had never been to any kind of wedding in Singapore yet my b.f’s friends believed us to be the emcees at their wedding! And we knocked our head at once.

Thank  to the public speaking training at Yangon University of Foreign Languages, precisely Japanese Department, I am never afraid of presentation. Still, the wedding emcee thing was too far away from us especially when we didn’t know how a usual Wedding goes here.

As there would be two emcees, we didn’t need to argue that I would handle English announcements while he would do for Burmese. Not because my English pronunciation was good but because he didn’t want to study by-heart the polished words and sentences good for a wedding.

So, I googled, googled and googled. The problem was that the westernish guides for being emcees were prefect but not really suited for their kind of Myanmar, Singapore-ish wedding and the customised Singapore wedding script were meant for Chinese couples. #_#

I had to take bits by bits from here and there to complete our very own bilingual wedding script. After adding up his idea and some jokes I could think of, the script had looked good. We had finished the script a week before but could spend only about two nights (i.e. around 3 hours) to practice it. Just not to disappoint the bride and groom, we did make effort to study the lines by-heart but couldn’t make it for all sentences.

Then we had to go for shopping for both of us. I was looking for a nice dress, I wanted it to be in some bright colour but ended up with picking up a black one because I do not want to be too obvious in the whole wedding. We found a nice coat for him, too.

And so the wedding day came. Oh, about a week before the wedding day, the couple invited us to join food testing with them. Believe me, there’s no such thing in Myanmar. It might even cost more there to throw a wedding party but no hotel would provide you such service which I find awesome. We commented for a couple of dishes, I personally enjoyed that dinner. 🙂

So, the wedding day came (it actually came not like in last paragraph, lol). I took half-day leave from office to make it on time to go for make-up. I am one of such weird girls whom make-up artists find very difficult to help with. On that day, she could neither curl my eyelashes nor put the fake lashes on. Furthermore, I even failed to let her do the eyeliner for waterline. ROFL

Long story short, we checked the stage, had a short discussion with event supervisor, prepared for songs and did a quick rehearsal with microphones. When the couple actually came out, it was all smooth until the DJ forgot to play the chosen song while the second clipping was being streamed. But everybody did not take it seriously which we had to thank a lot!

We had prepared two lovely games – an ordinary shoes game and “come to wife”. If you don’t know what is “Shoe game” at a wedding, just google it. For the “come to wife” game, I found it from a Youtube clip of a wedding in Malaysia if I’m not wrong. It sounds simple but very engaging and every audience will find it fun.

We asked the bride to stand near the stage and blind-folded the groom. A friend of groom took him to somewhere far from the stage. The bride would have to instruct the groom to come to her by directing “go left”, “go right”, “walk straight”, “move backward” and “stop”. But to make things fun, we swapped with instructions with some other wedding related liners which finally became
“go left” = “I love you, darling”
“go right” = “Do the dishes”
“go straight” = “Buy me Gucci”
“move backward” = “Let’s make baby”
“stop” = “Kiss me please”
Imagine how it would look like the bride saying those sentences to direct the groom! In our particular one, the groom went drunk just by some cups forced by friends, it was much more difficult for him to reach her. LOL We did torture them a lot.

We touched up with Myanmar traditional wedding custom for the end of the event. It is called “Kyoe-Tar” which can be directly translated into “Blocking with rope”. Whenever the newly wed is about to enter their bedroom for that night, the close friends and relatives draw a line with any kind of rope – golden necklaces in most cases, sometimes they go wild with belts and anything that is considered rope. And the couple had to pay cash to break the rope! Just a way of torturing them before their exciting night. In this wedding, I totally forget what they used for it but as there was no handy cash for the groom and bride, we considered one little glass used as door gift was equivalent to S$10. And the groom signed on it not to get cheated with normal door gifts! LOL

That’s it. I have the ready pdf for the scripts we used but need to clear out the personal names so later I’ll upload it  and uploadedEmcee Script (English & Burmese). ^^


A very good afternoon to Ms Ng Wee Wei, Mr Lim Swee Cheang, lecturers, staff, parents, relatives, all guests and graduands. It’s really a great pleasure to stand here today and my friends, please don’t worry, I won’t talk in a long winded way as I did in the discussion rooms.

It’s an honour to be able to give this speech as a student who had been rejected after the aptitude test and interview not once but twice. Yes, I think all of us have failed at least once. When we fail, we usually think that if we can make it just this one time, the struggle is over.  In reality, it isn’t.

When I applied to ISS, I thought it would be wonderful if I it was accepted. But after I received the offer letter, I realized that there much more had to be done. When we were doing our Continuous Assessments, I remember, we quarrelled a lot as if it was the final stop. But it wasn’t. The next was Exam! With the heavy text books, the packs of blank A4 paper taken from the security uncles, the long queue at printers, the stack of coffee cups like Eiffel Tower, we passed our exams thinking that it’s over. But, it’s not yet again. The AD project was waiting for us. New team, new room and new mindset to fight. Not really, but we did face difficulties during that one month. We cried and we smiled. We fought and we thought. After our AD project was successfully finished (at least, it was supposed to be so), what was next for us? Internship! Bearing in our mind that Internship was our last milestone in this course, we were survivors during those five months.. Yes, it’s challenging compared to campus but it was just heaven compared to working in a real job. Isn’t it?

I must say this course becomes more invaluable because of the industrial attachment program. Sitting straight on the chair for 9 hours is not as easy as we have thought before especially when we need to utilise our brain by assimilating and rethinking all the facts that we have learnt here. And what have we learnt during internship? I have learnt Ctrl C & Ctrl V well. Someone said he had learnt Ctrl F and Ctrl H, too. Well, anyway, the attachment program was a very good step for us. Shaping us to know the feeling of the real IT working environment, making us communicate with people effectively, stretching our capabilities to produce results with the given task and time constraint. I cannot express in these few words how enriched we have become as result of the Internship.

So, looking back to November 2009, when we took the aptitude test, we always thought that it was going to be finished after the offer letter, CAs, Exams, AD project, Internship, Job Interviews and finally official employment. However, our journey isn’t over yet and I don’t think it will be as long as we are alive.

During our journey, we thought that it’s very troublesome dealing with Esther’s demands as she played the role as user. But now, we also find out that real world users can lend us in more trouble than her.Yes, I think everyone couldn’t agree more that life at work is way more difficult than that of campus. In our work environment, there’s no Derek who is willing to help us with every issue, no Megan who worries for us all the time and no Venkat who is willing to help us understand the technology in depth.And yes, we cannot watch Mulan on Youtube at work like we enjoyed together during lectures.

We need to face it that our life has changed and it can be said that another phase of our journey has begun. And all our lecturers, supervisors, families and friends  here in this auditorium have supported us to make it. Without you all, today would have been impossible.

I would like to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the lecturers and staff at ISS. Moreover, I couldn’t conclude this speech without saying thank you to my beloved team members and all the classmates who are sitting here. Finally, thank you to my mom, dad, aunty and all the family members here whose support enabled us to stand here with pride..

All my dear friends, now, we are supposed to be qualified enough to start a new chapter of our life. To those who are already working, I believe you will try your best and enjoy your chosen path. To those who are in the process of looking for a job, please treasure this moment. This may be your last long time holiday in your life.

Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” And we all did by graduating from ISS with enough courage though this may just be a small dream for some of us. I sincerely wish all of you success to achieve your goals and the belief that you have ability to do it.

Thank you so much.

P.S No idea what to post new and all are pending in draft. That’s why I posted this. ^_^


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Just a year after the biggest revolution in Myanmar political history, in a very pleasant coast town which is situated in southern Myanmar, a stubborn girl was born. She is so proud of her town though she can’t speak its dialect anymore. She is too happy when she hears someone speaking in its dialect. When she was nearly 5 years old, her family moved to the former capital city of Myanmar, Yangon.

If Myeik is her heart, then, Yangon is her soul. No city in the whole universe can’t beat it in her soul. Her memories, her remembrances, her activeness, her courage, her youthful days and everything related to her life can be found there.

She is terribly bad at drawing and singing. She can’t feel paintings though she is fond of  all other kinds of art like music, movie, books, dance, photography and so on. The only thing she can draw is house! And she wanted to be an architect strongly since she was 6. Actually, she had wanted to be a teacher when she was in Kinder Garten. Since her mom absolutely denied it, she changed her mind to be an engineer, more specifically an architect. But since after a children poem got published in a famous children magazine, she wants to become a author. Yes, that’s her greatest aim in life since she was 6 that she haven’t achieved yet.

She is not intelligent enough to be in love with Mathematics. On the other hand, she possess a pretty good memory especially on her childhood. She still remembers that she has killed a fly with hand and she was playing with shit (literally) in the toilet when she was 3, she had the chance to buy something cost only 1 Kyat, she has frequently fallen to a drainage near toilet in her primary school, she has gotten injury in head just by playing with her brother and so on. And she love to think about the facts in childhood like how she treated the ants, when Myanmar TV Channels started to broadcast International series (& which is the first or the names of series & actor/actresses), which section she was in which grade, which subject in which grade was taught by which teacher and something like that.

After passing the years by raking #1 frequently in the class, possessing more than enough affection on friends, daydreaming a lot and writing a lot (She has written more than 30 short stories and uncountable poems before she was 11.), her first short story got published in a children journal. At that time, she was 13 and she still remembers the day when the editor called and woke her up with the good news that hers would be published in next issue. She got 500 kyats ($0.5) for that article. The first earning in her life! Then, continuously, her poems, stories and essays got published on that journal. She stopped writing with children sense when she was 15 thinking that she became a teenager.

Her teenager life was so so. By getting excited for Thingyan (Water Festival), reading a lot (some books were read 50+ times),  gaming a lot (since Family console to today’s PSP), watching Chinese dramas a lot (which makes her understand basic usage of Chinese) and daydreaming especially on rainy days with a mug of coffee, her life was not bad. She was fond of writing diary everday which is too funny to read it back now, too. Plus, she wrote lots of short stories but in her own note book. Few of those got published in some well-known journals & magazines. But it made her year when one of hers was published in “Shwe A Myu Tay” Magazine in 2009.

Though she started to use PC since she was about 11, she made up her mind to make her profession computing related. When everybody put doctor or engineer on their English essays, she put computer profession instead by scraificing some of her English marks because it was supposed to be against with teacher. After passing martriculation exam, she wished to join UCSY. But her mom prefered going to private computer school mentioning that UCSY is not worth attending especially when its locaiton is way too far. Then, she joined to the best university in Myanmar (recoginzed by Ministry of Education, the rector has said so though she didn’t want to believe) majoring in Japanese. That was precious moment in her life! YUFL is awesome. Plus, Japanese department is much more amazing. Cool friends and smart lectureres made it fun even though YUFL is popular of its strict & nonsense rules.

After first semester, she was enlightened by a change. It’s the  ray of light that makes her life’s meaningful, an effort that supports her every second, a pair of eyes that watch her to keep away from harm and pain, a hand that never lets her down and a passion to move on her life. Yes, it’s love and a great guy brought it into her life and lasts forever.

When she becomes a so called adult, she went to a country which is small in the sense of area and large in the sense of development. She has changed A LOT after living there for a while mostly to the bad ways. She can’t write regularly, she can’t enjoy her life to fullest and realize that her memory and language skills go down and down.

Meanwhile, she gets tons of labels because she loves Myanmar too much, talks a lot (mostly nonsense) and too active when she seriously wants something. For instances, “Queen of Debate” (She is seriously not worth to spend your time just for arguing), “Miss Talkative” (& at the same time), “Miss No-Words” (What a funny contradiction!), “Patriot” (She loves it, by the way), “Blind Nationalist”, “Racist” (For writing a travel article and attracting votes) and the latest award is “A person who wishes to destroy Myanmar Language”. She agrees all of these except the last one since it is opposite to another label called “Myanmar Language Addicted”.

After passing 22 years of human life, she made up her mind again to be original her who loves daydreaming and who enjoy writing and reading most. She is really hoping that she can do it regardless of environment, time constraint or people.

P.S This post was supposed to be published on her birthday but couldn’t make it. Thanks for reading such a long post! ^_^

A to Z Singapore

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My supervisor was in rush. That meant he had no time to assign me new task since afternoon. So I made up my mind to make a mini research to find out the influence on Singapore by using Google.  Here’s the A to Z list of top suggested keywords in Google of Singapore.

Personally, I’m happy that Apple is not #1  and also for top Air Asia.

BBC which is at second may broadcast that China is forcing their people if they know they don’t have enough influence for Chinese. Baidu is first!

“C” may love local or may be loved because the first three results are Cathay, CPF & Citbank.

Congratulations, DBS! They occupy two of the top three keywords DBS & DBS ibanking while “dictionary” stands at second.

Do Singaporeans love online shopping? You can see Ebay at #1 but the obvious thing is they love iphone as ebuddy stands second.

No Doubt at all! First two is Facebook & Facebook login. Is football third? No, but FIFA.

So, can we say Gmail is popular here? Proud of Golden Village as it’s the only non-google top keyword for this alphabet and takes thrid place.

Oh! G & H are rivals! Yes, it’s Hotmail & HDB has attraction for locals, too.

I haven’t been there. (Actually, I didn’t know what does it stand for.) & we can say that luxury is not as much as important as red tape as those results are shown. IRAS is first, ICA is second and Iphone 4 is thrid. I wonder why there’s no plain “I Pone” keyword in such an icountry.

Are there more travelers than job hunters? Jobsdb & Jobstreet are sandwiched between two Jetstar key words.

KFC. So “M” for “McDonald”? But there’s no Burger King for B. And one of the local brands KBox is second.

There must be more drivers than football fans in Singapore. LTA is first & livescore is second.

Wow, KFC rules! There’s no Macdonald at all & MSN is third while MOM takes second. So, who’s first? Simply, M1.

It’s NUS. The second result is NLB. Don’t feel bad NTU fellows, you are at third. Wow, “N” in Singapore is so literate! (Note: When you type only “N”, NTUC is just after NTU. But when you type “NT”, it’s vice versa.)

Bank again.  It’s OCBC. And here is an interesting fact that’s approving high Indian population in Singapore. Orkut is third.

Bank Bank Bank. The first keyword is POSB (though it doesn’t have own domain) & interestingly, there’s still influence of World Cup. Paul the octopus is #2.

Just an airline. But it’s Australia National Airline callend Qantas. May be because there are few trademarks in Singapore who uses “q” as starting alphabet. “Quotes” is second.

Resort world Sentosa is knocked out after Reebonz & ROM. And do people wanna go for shopping rather than marriage?

Two adjacent results are from same industry. Singtel & Starhub. M1 might avoid “S” because of this.

I wonder who will come first if Tiger Airways starts with A or Air Asia starts with T. And as usual, Twitter can’t beat facebook as it stands at second.

“Can’t live without” for locals must be nothing except banks. Yes, it’s UOB & Universal Studio is only at third while URA is second.

Vpost can grab first while DHL is 4th at D. Oh, i know how much Vivocity is famous now. they stand at 3rd!

No wonder.  Wikipedia‘s first & third (Wiki)  and Facebook totally rules! the second result is!
(Note: if you type www, first result is  Facebook while Yahoo follows it & Youtube is at thrid. Where is Gmail???)

Should be in Singapore. XinMSN comes out first and Xbox is 4th while there’s no PSP or Wii in “P” & “W”. Xe and XueSha (the keywords I’ve never heard) are second and third.

You know it, right? Youtube is first, Yahoo (Singapore) is second & oops, is YOG third before Yahoo mail!?

Oh! is it famous? Zuji; the travel site. Zara & Zouk stands second and third respectively.

According to those facts, Singapore government is fond of IT as 7 out of 83 results (Sorry, Mr. Environment, I betrayed you by emitting 10.4 grams of CO2) are government websites.  And Pure International Brand that doesn’t have a local site are only 20. The list mention that there is only one blog which is also 2009  Singapore best modeling blog. Are people only interested in Brand or Names? There are only two meaningful words; dictionary & quotes. The results may be varied time to time and who say mydaydream won’t be first suggesstion when you type “M” in Google 5 or 10 years later?? 😛