About me

  • A feminist. (Deal with it.)
  • A wife.
  • A business owner.
  • A copywriter.
  • A triaglot.
  • A ranter.
  • An IKEA fanatic.
  • A red devil.
  • A NoleFam.
  • A J-drama freak.
  • A Laphet addicted.
  • A lachanophobe.
  • A pink ranger.
  1. Win Hein says:

    Hey, I added you on FB, I hope you accept so we can talk more in English and Burmese 😀

  2. Avan says:

    Hi. My name is Avan. I am very much interested in your country since there is a lot of comments about your economy starting to pick up…
    My friends and I are interested in putting up an ESL (English school) in your country and we wanted to know if this can be done by foreigners. We wanted to offer cheaper english speaking classes there since we are not as expensive as those whose speaking English as their mother tongue. I am from the Philippines. All my friends and I have multiple (TOFEL, TESOL) certification and are perfectly capable of teaching english and we all came from entreprenuership background as well. Can you give me suggestions on how to start or at least point me to someone who will be able to do that.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

  3. May i know contact phone number in Myanmar?

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