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Generally, Burmese with functioning brains are very happy, today. Or are they really?

Many of us had wanted to (or still want to) witness the moment of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi being the president of Burma. But it didn’t happen. Rumours say military requested things she couldn’t agree to postpone the infamous section 59 (F) of constitution. And she is believed to skip the chance to be president favouring country’s future with least possible involvement of military in cabinet and parliament.

Look at this photo.


Found it here. Couldn’t find out who took it. Please message me if the owner like me to remove this.

The caption here says “The president walked her out, the MP waved to, the police saluted to and the public bowed down to, who is this?” Isn’t it exasperating that someone whom the majority of citizen trust and respect couldn’t manage the country “officially”?

And look at this.

Looking at her smiles cherishing the moment of truth and persistence made my heart cringe.

While I am genuinely happy for the newly elected president (who is educated and loyal. Plus, the first lady is also an MP, how awesome this is!), in some corners of my heart, I am still hoping that the lady would be the president of Burma one day – maybe after 1st April or this year or maybe 2 years later if she stays healthy which I believe she will.

And how I wish my late grandparents who loved her like their own daughter could witness this  moment, too.


My late grandma and young DASSK in Myeik

And call me mean, I wish everyone (you know who I am referring to) who limits the happiness of average Burmese people may suffer from limited-happiness syndrome (i.e. whenever they feel happy about something, they will be held back by something so that their happiness shall never reach to the max.)