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Shit Hubby Says

Posted: 06/04/2016 in Uncategorized

Rarely write personal stuff here. But I guess this is worth-sharing. Disclaimer : I didn’t imagine any of these.

Regarding “The Dress”

I see black & blue. But as you see white & gold, it must be white & gold since your eyesight is way better than mine. ‪#‎ShitHubbySays‬

On my thoughts on sexual orientation

Me : What if I am a bi?
Him : I’ll bait all pretty girls using you and traffick every single one of them.
Me : Defuq

When he watched LINE TVC too many times (Those who don’t watch Burmese TV wouldn’t understand)

(Me sitting beside him on bed. Phone rang.)
Me : What’s that?
Him : Pick up
Me : Where are you calling from?
Him : Line lay
(Tap Green button)
Me : Bar lal
Him : Nin thar d nay yar hmar shi yin thate kg hmar bal
Me : ……..

Regarding love

Me : Give me those pajamas
Him : (Grab it and put under his T-shirt, holding it tight like a Koala holds its tree)
Me : What on heaven are you doing?
Him : It’s been a while in airconditioned room. Trying to warm them so that you wouldn’t feel cold when you wear it.
Me : Awwn

Regarding Yangon environment (Need local insights to understand this)

Me : Hey, they said there was unexplained strange noise in Singapore!
Him : Umm.. there are countless unexplained strange noises here in Yangon. You aren’t even sure where it’s coming from at times
Me : …

Regarding high-profile government people (Need local insights on Burmese politics)

Him : Why don’t you take photo with these two book shelves at the back?
Me : Do you think I’m Ye Htut?

Regarding more love

Him : Go inside
Me : Why? @@
Him : I’m watching a movie
Me : And?
Him : If you are around, I keep looking at you instead of movie.
Me : …….

And…. my favourite one

Me : Ako, why didn’t you tell me that my eyeliner is smudged?
Ako : Coz I wasn’t sure whether it’s a bug or feature.
Me : $#%&&%$%#$@#&$

[This is a backdated post]

If there is one thing good about living abroad for few years, it could be appreciating one’s hometown more and more. Okay, technically speaking, Yangon is not my hometown. But I believe my soul is there. It is where I studied, it is where I played, it is where I grew up and it is just everything about me.

Though you may have learnt that Yangon is no longer the capital of Myanmar, let me say that it is true only in news and official documents. Believe me, nobody in Myanmar would recognise Nay Pyi Taw as the true capital of Myanmar by their hearts. Whether they like or not, majority of locals would mention Yangon is still the largest city of Myanmar.

And please please do not tell me that Yangon is the city of “Bamar” ethnic, not of other 7 major ethnics. I am not a pure Bamar, (if you are a Myanmar), only few percent of you would be pure Bamar while other mixed mixed mixed blood people have been living in Yangon for decades. (If you are not a Myanmar,) Ask any of your friends living in Yangon if he/she is 100% Bamar and you would get what I mean.

So, I went back to Myanmar. Only about two weeks which was an unfortunate things. Because 14 days will never be enough to chill there.

The only thing which irritated me was that some people in downtown thought we (me and my b.f) were foreigners. 😦 No, we did nothing weird, just wore jeans and canvas shoes (slippers for some days), were walking on the street and just roaming around. The only thing I could think as the reason they assumed so could be the DSLR that we used to take every single thing there. But it should not be the case, should it? 😦

The best thing I could done there was visiting my secondary school! Although I just refer it as secondary school for easy understanding, it is actually a high school to where all primary/middle/high school students can go. I spent 9 years there studying, playing and dreaming. All my teachers do remember who I am although it had been at least 6 years we hadn’t see each other. Some of them were retired and others were still energetic to teach the young children.

Botataung 3 or No. (3) Basic Education High School, Botataung. My school!

Botataung 3 or No. (3) Basic Education High School, Botataung. My school!

The school was old and torn but it still gave me the feeling of warmth. By seeing all the kids running here and there, I wondered how time flied so fast. I passed by my primary school where I spent two years as well but couldn’t get into it as it was late. I tried to take a good picture of it but someone shouted “Who’s there!?” and I had to shout back like “Nothing. I’m just taking photo of my old school!”.

You can see the situation is too different from other countries and my awesome land (this is my favourite sarcastic term to describe Myanmar).  Who on earth would blame you for taking photo of your old school in any other country?? But I can understand the staffs as they have been surviving life under fear. They are just fear for something they can’t exactly describe. And for them, taking a photo at late night without anyone’s permission might be a threat, too? Sigh.

B.E.P.S (12) Mingalar Taung Nyunt

It’s not purposely blurred. As the guy was shouting inside the school, we had to get a quick one. 😦

And it was all about food and food and food. [Will continue in Part 2!]

23rd century

Dear 23rd century world citizens,

I hoped you found this letter directly via my CD.

Some valuable information  for historians among you or some weird unbelievable random facts for scientists.
  1. We, 21st century human, used a technology (or a crap?) called electronic mail which took at least seconds to get the letter sent.
  2. Half of our age was spent using Facebook where we could be officially curious and gossiped others’ known or unknown facts and shockingly the victims were happy for it.
  3. We took care of animals, killed them and consumed them.
  4. We were scared of heat. At the same time, we were producing heat.
  5. We did had icebergs on earth!
  6. Some of us were dying to drink a drop of water while some showered for  1hour+ and others were making money using water.
  7. Normally, we worked for five days and took rest for two days (which might be directly opposite to you.)
  8. One popular word (with unknown definition) in our age was “love” which couldn’t be seen in your dictionary.
  9. We went and watched sports matches, shows, events & went even to battle ground in person.
  10. We were necessary to learn various languages only with the purpose to communicate. (No, not with others, just with human beings like us.)
  11. We were afraid of (or gave respect) to those we hadn’t seen.
  12. We were crazy with dates especially in the month I wrote this because it possessed 10/10/10 & 20/10/2010. Have you passed 22/02/2202?

P.S What you read right now was written on a square surface called computer using a service called blog what was especially used for shouting our emotion out to strangers or as a proof of we were intelligent enough to use latest technology (at that time, I meant).

With Love Brain,

A 21st century citizen.