Shit Hubby Says

Posted: 06/04/2016 in Uncategorized

Rarely write personal stuff here. But I guess this is worth-sharing. Disclaimer : I didn’t imagine any of these.

Regarding “The Dress”

I see black & blue. But as you see white & gold, it must be white & gold since your eyesight is way better than mine. ‪#‎ShitHubbySays‬

On my thoughts on sexual orientation

Me : What if I am a bi?
Him : I’ll bait all pretty girls using you and traffick every single one of them.
Me : Defuq

When he watched LINE TVC too many times (Those who don’t watch Burmese TV wouldn’t understand)

(Me sitting beside him on bed. Phone rang.)
Me : What’s that?
Him : Pick up
Me : Where are you calling from?
Him : Line lay
(Tap Green button)
Me : Bar lal
Him : Nin thar d nay yar hmar shi yin thate kg hmar bal
Me : ……..

Regarding love

Me : Give me those pajamas
Him : (Grab it and put under his T-shirt, holding it tight like a Koala holds its tree)
Me : What on heaven are you doing?
Him : It’s been a while in airconditioned room. Trying to warm them so that you wouldn’t feel cold when you wear it.
Me : Awwn

Regarding Yangon environment (Need local insights to understand this)

Me : Hey, they said there was unexplained strange noise in Singapore!
Him : Umm.. there are countless unexplained strange noises here in Yangon. You aren’t even sure where it’s coming from at times
Me : …

Regarding high-profile government people (Need local insights on Burmese politics)

Him : Why don’t you take photo with these two book shelves at the back?
Me : Do you think I’m Ye Htut?

Regarding more love

Him : Go inside
Me : Why? @@
Him : I’m watching a movie
Me : And?
Him : If you are around, I keep looking at you instead of movie.
Me : …….

And…. my favourite one

Me : Ako, why didn’t you tell me that my eyeliner is smudged?
Ako : Coz I wasn’t sure whether it’s a bug or feature.
Me : $#%&&%$%#$@#&$

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