5 Taboos in Myanmar

Posted: 25/04/2013 in Culture, Myanmar, Vlog
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You might have read DOs and DON’Ts in Myanmar somewhere on Internet. But those are for the convinience of tourists and only very few visitors care for what locals would think for their acts during their stay in Myanmar.

This video is just to let you know what you should not do in Myanmar not to make locals feel that you are not paying respect to their culture.

DISCLAIMER : These are my own thoughts based on my experience as an average Myanmar citizen who come from a mixed Bamar family. The habits and perceptions of Myanmar people may vary from time to time and people from different states and divisions may have different cultural habit and society values.

  1. Win Hein says:

    ကပြားတဲ့ဗမာမီသားစုဆိုတော့ ဘာလဲ အစ်မရေ 🙂

  2. misnomer says:

    Very informative, Miss. 🙂

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