Once as an Emcee

Posted: 15/12/2012 in Fun, Myself, Singapore Life

The ridiculous thing was we had never been to any kind of wedding in Singapore yet my b.f’s friends believed us to be the emcees at their wedding! And we knocked our head at once.

Thank  to the public speaking training at Yangon University of Foreign Languages, precisely Japanese Department, I am never afraid of presentation. Still, the wedding emcee thing was too far away from us especially when we didn’t know how a usual Wedding goes here.

As there would be two emcees, we didn’t need to argue that I would handle English announcements while he would do for Burmese. Not because my English pronunciation was good but because he didn’t want to study by-heart the polished words and sentences good for a wedding.

So, I googled, googled and googled. The problem was that the westernish guides for being emcees were prefect but not really suited for their kind of Myanmar, Singapore-ish wedding and the customised Singapore wedding script were meant for Chinese couples. #_#

I had to take bits by bits from here and there to complete our very own bilingual wedding script. After adding up his idea and some jokes I could think of, the script had looked good. We had finished the script a week before but could spend only about two nights (i.e. around 3 hours) to practice it. Just not to disappoint the bride and groom, we did make effort to study the lines by-heart but couldn’t make it for all sentences.

Then we had to go for shopping for both of us. I was looking for a nice dress, I wanted it to be in some bright colour but ended up with picking up a black one because I do not want to be too obvious in the whole wedding. We found a nice coat for him, too.

And so the wedding day came. Oh, about a week before the wedding day, the couple invited us to join food testing with them. Believe me, there’s no such thing in Myanmar. It might even cost more there to throw a wedding party but no hotel would provide you such service which I find awesome. We commented for a couple of dishes, I personally enjoyed that dinner. 🙂

So, the wedding day came (it actually came not like in last paragraph, lol). I took half-day leave from office to make it on time to go for make-up. I am one of such weird girls whom make-up artists find very difficult to help with. On that day, she could neither curl my eyelashes nor put the fake lashes on. Furthermore, I even failed to let her do the eyeliner for waterline. ROFL

Long story short, we checked the stage, had a short discussion with event supervisor, prepared for songs and did a quick rehearsal with microphones. When the couple actually came out, it was all smooth until the DJ forgot to play the chosen song while the second clipping was being streamed. But everybody did not take it seriously which we had to thank a lot!

We had prepared two lovely games – an ordinary shoes game and “come to wife”. If you don’t know what is “Shoe game” at a wedding, just google it. For the “come to wife” game, I found it from a Youtube clip of a wedding in Malaysia if I’m not wrong. It sounds simple but very engaging and every audience will find it fun.

We asked the bride to stand near the stage and blind-folded the groom. A friend of groom took him to somewhere far from the stage. The bride would have to instruct the groom to come to her by directing “go left”, “go right”, “walk straight”, “move backward” and “stop”. But to make things fun, we swapped with instructions with some other wedding related liners which finally became
“go left” = “I love you, darling”
“go right” = “Do the dishes”
“go straight” = “Buy me Gucci”
“move backward” = “Let’s make baby”
“stop” = “Kiss me please”
Imagine how it would look like the bride saying those sentences to direct the groom! In our particular one, the groom went drunk just by some cups forced by friends, it was much more difficult for him to reach her. LOL We did torture them a lot.

We touched up with Myanmar traditional wedding custom for the end of the event. It is called “Kyoe-Tar” which can be directly translated into “Blocking with rope”. Whenever the newly wed is about to enter their bedroom for that night, the close friends and relatives draw a line with any kind of rope – golden necklaces in most cases, sometimes they go wild with belts and anything that is considered rope. And the couple had to pay cash to break the rope! Just a way of torturing them before their exciting night. In this wedding, I totally forget what they used for it but as there was no handy cash for the groom and bride, we considered one little glass used as door gift was equivalent to S$10. And the groom signed on it not to get cheated with normal door gifts! LOL

That’s it. I have the ready pdf for the scripts we used but need to clear out the personal names so later I’ll upload it  and uploadedEmcee Script (English & Burmese). ^^

  1. hninti says:

    Hi, where do u upload the ready pdf for the scripts of wedding Emcee? I also need to b MC for my fri wedding and hard time having writing the script.
    Thank You alot

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