12 Resolutions on 12/12/12

Posted: 12/12/2012 in Myself

I do want to post something on 12/12/12 no matter how much it could sound cheesy or lame. So, I’m going to write about 12 New Year resolutions. I didn’t usually set new year resolutions because I had no confidence that I would ever make it happen. But yeah, here it is for next supposed-to-be-awesome-year. (If the world wouldn’t end on 21/12/12.)

  1. I will keep Global Voices Burmese active no matter what.

    Though I’ve joined it since 2010, I never happen to keep it active every single month though it recently got the momentum to be so. If you are a native Burmese speaker and every happen to see this, feel free to volunteer!

  2. I will go abroad at least twice!

    One trip is almost confirmed so I have to look for another awesome country.

  3. I will earn more!

    I don’t love money but I do love to have it and it is also a crucial part to fulfill my dreams – be it for myself or for others. So, I will definitely earn more and make my “earning plans” happen! (Stay tuned!)

  4. I will read more (English) books.

    If there is one reason why my English usage is so lousy, it has to be lack of time spending on reading English books. I own a kindle but it’s stuffed with Burmese almost all the time. Yes, I will read more. I will read more. I will read more. I will read more.

  5. I will talk less.

    (Don’t raise your eyebrows, my buddies!) I know I am one of the super talkative girls in the whole entire universe. But in this case, “talk less” would mean “do more” – not that I will stop endless chit-chat with you guys!

  6. I will stay healthy.

    My BMI is still under average although I gained weight and went beyond 110 lbs (Yes, in Myanmar people still use  Imperial Units as a result of once being under British Colonies.) And I have some unwanted fat. #_#

  7. I will write more.

    For me, writing reflects “fiction” works rather than articles etc. I have been writing a number of fictions (in Burmese) and couldn’t even finish one though some fictional short stories got published. I will finish at least one of those in progress. Let’s see if I can transform it into a physical book!

  8. I will learn Buddhism in English.

    Because I feel like it is more accurate and practical to learn it in English rather than in Burmese with many tales and non-Buddhism related thingies.

  9. I will study Spanish.

    I know 3 languages quite well and 1 a bit but 3 of those are Asian languages with their own characters. I always wish to learn a western language with English characters or similar ones. Among shortlisted French, Spanish, Italian and German, I will go with Spanish because I love the culture of Latin America!

  10. I will polish my Japanese.

    It would be very shameful if I couldn’t teach it to my children in future although I spent 3 whole years for it, wouldn’t it?

  11. I will care my parents more.

    Let’s see if I can persuade them to retire at the end of 2013! 🙂

  12. Last but definitely not least, I will love him more.

    He has been too perfect for me. Can you imagine a boyfriend who doesn’t smoke, drink, gamble and horny and stick with you for 2372 days by not minding your awful mass, intolerable scolding and daily drama and by supporting whatever crazy craps you are dreaming?

Oh, it’s so exciting just to imagine for the moment I can strike those off line by line!


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