All about my phoibas!

Posted: 26/06/2011 in Fun Fact, Likes and Dislikes, Myself

My Phobias

I believe there’s no such a person without a single type of phobia. Everybody has at least one and so do I. But my phobias are pretty unique as the way I am.

1) Lachanophobia (Fear of Vegetables)

My worst phobia ever. Since I was born, I have very rarely eaten it. It was worse in childhood. When I was in primary school, I seldom had my dinner with my family. The reason was I couldn’t stand the smell of any type of vegetables. Whenever my mom was reheating the vegetable dishes, I ran away from kitchen.

So, what happen if I try to eat it. Vomitting!! I really have tried to consume these green thingies but it always ends with vomitting. It literally drives me to run to the basin and vomit all from my stomach.

Treatment? No one and nothing can attract me to conquer it. My dad has tried to make me eat vegetables by giving me double of normal pocket money when I was about 11. I have been scolded and beaten by my mom. But nothing works till now. The only thing my boyfriend can do is removing such thing from my meal in case we forget to put additional note when we make our order.

Exception? Yes, there are some under the group of vegetables that I can consume. These things include corn, all kind of peas and beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes and the only leave I eat (& I like!) is tea leave, in fact, pickled tea leave. I can eat spring rolls though it is made up of varieties of vegetables. Plus, all fruits are fine with me though some people who have Lachanophobia also encounter fear of fruits, too.

I know there are tons of cons because of this phobia such as dining with unfamiliar people, making others shock when I reveal this, getting assumed that I have some abnormal emotions and you name it. But it just can’t help. :\

2) Anthophobia (Fear of flowers)

I’m neither tomboy nor a boyish girl, but I can’t stand for flowers, too. It may be related to Lachannophobia and my assumption is I’m always afraid of green things but I love the colour green! I hate seeing flowers even as an image. My face will be too ugly whenever I get the smell of any type of flowers. It happens even now, just by imaging the smell! But I’m totally fine with plastic or paper flowers.

As I’m a buddhist and almost all of buddhists especially in Myanmar have worshiped Buddha with flowers and they usually put and clean the vases,  some people have asked me about this.

How would you do this when you have family?

And my simple answer is “My boyfriend will do so”. :D.

3) Xanthophobia (Fear of Yellow colour)

No, I’m not mentally ill person.And this phobia is a softer one. It should be said as a “strong dislike” rather than “fear” to translate phobia in this case.

I never use yellow even when I’m just aimlessly playing with paper or paints. I don’t have any yellow coloured clothing nor any stuffs. And I am not happy to see someone wearing yellow outfits especially if he/she is my favourite.

4)Tonitrophobia (Fear of Thunders)

I don’t recall if I had during my childhood.But though I’m an absolute adult, I don’t feel comfortable when it’s thundering. 😦

I can sleep if it’s raining cats and dogs at midnight. But I can’t stay near windows if it’s thundering. If I were walking on the road when it’s thundering, I feel like sweating a lot and walk at my best speed to reach under a safe roof.

5) Thanatophobia (Fear of Death or Dying)

It simply sucks. I am tolerant to pain and not afraid of diseases nor suffering but dying. Because I don’t really have no idea what will happen to me after death. I’m a Buddhist and strongly believe about sansara but wondering what will exactly happen to ME.

Another feeling is why all things in my life need to be gone after death? All things I’ve created, got, loved, felt will be gone! That’s why I can’t imagine what if I die. To solve this phobia, I guess I need to meditate regularly.

6)Scriptophobia (Fear of Writing in public)

Yeah, I love writing from bottom of my heart but not in front of everyone. 😦 I can’t continue writing if someone is looking at the screen. It implied not only to writing stories/poems but also to writing codes and I could manage to overcome the latter.

I know why it happens. The reason is I’m too shy to show it out before it’s completely finished. Once it’s done, I’m more than ready to show it to everyone I’d love to.

Well, it’s enough. That’s all for me (at least, almost all). My dad has serious Hemophobia, my mom has Ophidiophobia, Chinese are well-known for having Tetraphobia, some Myanmar do have Sinophobia and Aquaphobia & Acrophobia are also widely found in most people.

So, let me know what’s yours? Can’t think of one? Find it out here or here.

  1. […] But this very roll I tried was made up of pork with thicker dumpling kind of sheet (Remember I have lachanophobia!) and you can find only in very few tea houses. The inner part was too delicate it was always good […]

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