A transform of happiness and thankfulness to words or The Graudation Speech

Posted: 07/06/2011 in Myself, Singapore Life


A very good afternoon to Ms Ng Wee Wei, Mr Lim Swee Cheang, lecturers, staff, parents, relatives, all guests and graduands. It’s really a great pleasure to stand here today and my friends, please don’t worry, I won’t talk in a long winded way as I did in the discussion rooms.

It’s an honour to be able to give this speech as a student who had been rejected after the aptitude test and interview not once but twice. Yes, I think all of us have failed at least once. When we fail, we usually think that if we can make it just this one time, the struggle is over.  In reality, it isn’t.

When I applied to ISS, I thought it would be wonderful if I it was accepted. But after I received the offer letter, I realized that there much more had to be done. When we were doing our Continuous Assessments, I remember, we quarrelled a lot as if it was the final stop. But it wasn’t. The next was Exam! With the heavy text books, the packs of blank A4 paper taken from the security uncles, the long queue at printers, the stack of coffee cups like Eiffel Tower, we passed our exams thinking that it’s over. But, it’s not yet again. The AD project was waiting for us. New team, new room and new mindset to fight. Not really, but we did face difficulties during that one month. We cried and we smiled. We fought and we thought. After our AD project was successfully finished (at least, it was supposed to be so), what was next for us? Internship! Bearing in our mind that Internship was our last milestone in this course, we were survivors during those five months.. Yes, it’s challenging compared to campus but it was just heaven compared to working in a real job. Isn’t it?

I must say this course becomes more invaluable because of the industrial attachment program. Sitting straight on the chair for 9 hours is not as easy as we have thought before especially when we need to utilise our brain by assimilating and rethinking all the facts that we have learnt here. And what have we learnt during internship? I have learnt Ctrl C & Ctrl V well. Someone said he had learnt Ctrl F and Ctrl H, too. Well, anyway, the attachment program was a very good step for us. Shaping us to know the feeling of the real IT working environment, making us communicate with people effectively, stretching our capabilities to produce results with the given task and time constraint. I cannot express in these few words how enriched we have become as result of the Internship.

So, looking back to November 2009, when we took the aptitude test, we always thought that it was going to be finished after the offer letter, CAs, Exams, AD project, Internship, Job Interviews and finally official employment. However, our journey isn’t over yet and I don’t think it will be as long as we are alive.

During our journey, we thought that it’s very troublesome dealing with Esther’s demands as she played the role as user. But now, we also find out that real world users can lend us in more trouble than her.Yes, I think everyone couldn’t agree more that life at work is way more difficult than that of campus. In our work environment, there’s no Derek who is willing to help us with every issue, no Megan who worries for us all the time and no Venkat who is willing to help us understand the technology in depth.And yes, we cannot watch Mulan on Youtube at work like we enjoyed together during lectures.

We need to face it that our life has changed and it can be said that another phase of our journey has begun. And all our lecturers, supervisors, families and friends  here in this auditorium have supported us to make it. Without you all, today would have been impossible.

I would like to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the lecturers and staff at ISS. Moreover, I couldn’t conclude this speech without saying thank you to my beloved team members and all the classmates who are sitting here. Finally, thank you to my mom, dad, aunty and all the family members here whose support enabled us to stand here with pride..

All my dear friends, now, we are supposed to be qualified enough to start a new chapter of our life. To those who are already working, I believe you will try your best and enjoy your chosen path. To those who are in the process of looking for a job, please treasure this moment. This may be your last long time holiday in your life.

Walt Disney said “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” And we all did by graduating from ISS with enough courage though this may just be a small dream for some of us. I sincerely wish all of you success to achieve your goals and the belief that you have ability to do it.

Thank you so much.

P.S No idea what to post new and all are pending in draft. That’s why I posted this. ^_^


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